Close to the Anniversary

It’s getting close again to the time my mum died, I’m missing her more each year.
I’m really struggling to find people to reach out to, I’m feeling so alone and empty. I’m missing out on having a mum and it gets harder and harder.

I know this will pass but grief is so hard to feel.


We are thinking of you, @Dorothy99. I hear that you’re feeling so alone right now, but the community is here for you. I can see it’s been a few years since you have lost your mum. I wanted to share our Coping with death anniversaries support page with you. There may be some things within it that can bring you a little comfort right now.

Take good care and keep reaching out,

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@Dorothy99 am thinking of you :heart: just know that your not alone we are all here for you xxx


Hi Dorothy, your not alone and although it feels like that we are all here to be with you. im sorry for the loss of your mum. always message someone on here.lots of love chelle xx