I’ve always found this strange but I don’t know what it means…
My Mother was in in born in January (6th 1926) and died in January (24th 2009)
My Father was born in April (27th 1923) and died in April (4th 2019)
My wife was born in March (10th 1954) and died in March (31st 2020)
All died in the month they were born. I’m now dreading my next birthday (May)

Dear @Johnch

I understand where you are coming from but please do not read anything into it. It is just coincidence this has happened. It does not mean anything but I can see why you think it might.

Please do not worry about the dates as it is purely coincidence and just enjoy your birthday in May.

Take care.


I just find it a bit more than coincidence. 3 of them?

Yes I notice coincidences and can’t help thinking about them.
If they mean something to you then they do. Emotions you can’t help and but logical side can say that is what they are but some people are logical and others emotional and alm got bit of both.