Comfort eating

I am comfort eating. I’m at my heaviest. I am obese and it’s effecting my health. Breathless etc, lots of things I can no longer do. In days it will be 1 year since longing mum and it will be grand first birthday without her. Gran passed 9 months ago, 12 weeks after losing mum. Nothing fits me I’ve gone up dress sizes, I just eat and eat and eat. I don’t leave the house much either. So I dont exercise and I don’t want to. I can’t be the only comfort eater surely?

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Hi @Inspireme,
I understand comfort habits like over eating, I eat when I’m nervous, but lack appetite completely when I’m depressed, everyone’s different in there own way. I’ve lost a lot of weight recently through other health issues I’m now somewhere around 8stone, none of my clothes fit, & everything’s baggy on me. Everyone has been commenting for months on how much weight I’ve lost.
The loss of a parent is a big change, our parents are usually the one constant in our lives, & it’s heartbreaking to loose them, because they’ve been there through so much, & the thought of all the things they now won’t be there for. To loose your gran so soon after is harsh, I’m sorry for your loss, it’s understandable that you must miss them both very much.

I think in a strange way, “comfort” habits are our brain giving us something to do to keep busy, or otherwise looking for the comfort that we crave to calm our stress or anxiety. It sounds like your concerned by the weight gain, & understandably the health issues resulting from that, :thinking:… I hope I’m not overstepping buy suggesting this, My first thought is counseling might help to deal with the issues of the sad losses of your mom & gran, as an issue, it’s best to treat it at its core, then maybe think about something to replace the action of eating between meal times, ie- a mindful colouring book, or fidget toy to keep your hands active. It’s Kind of like when people first quit smoking, if you say to someone, “Don’t think of a pink horse,” it’s the first thing they think of, but if you say, " think of a white rabbit," :rabbit2: to stop them thinking of a pink horse, it usually works better over time. It also usually helps if you have a set goal in mind, what is your ideal weight/dress size? Then break it down into stages, make small changes at first so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Hope this helps, sending hugs of support.

Hi Inspireme,
Its so easy to fall into comfort eating. I went through phases of not eating much to comfort eating Neither helped me. Just made matters worse.
When grief hits I feel we all try to survive and do whatever we can to get through each hour and day.
Somehow I managed to get some routine back into my day and realised my health was suffering if I didn’t eat or just are for the sake of eating or doing something. I stopped all junk food and planned meals in advance in case I had a very bad day. Batch cooking meals helps. Sticking to it was a struggle though but I feel much better in myself and now spend more time on my wellbeing.
Thinking of you

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