Comfort zone

Hi there I don’t want to offend anyone on this site but it seems the posts are getting fewer and fewer due to this new site nobody wanted to join ,this site gave me all the comfort I really needed ,I don’t want counciling,group meetings to meet a new partner,moving on take each day at a time to me meaning less words,all I want is to keep the memory alive of my wife Jane l am not lonely just alone without her .
During our 43 years of marriage the comfort was always there never needed anyone or wanted for anything,this last year since she passed away last November my comfort zone as got less and less and looked to this site to help knowing there were others in the same position as me ,could be with the site being new but the help I needed seems to have all but disappeared,all I want to do is keep Jane’s memory alive and get through for me this living hell.
Sorry again if I offend but that’s how it is for me
Kind regards MM69

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morning MM, I think people are still finding their way around this new site, I know some have written that they are leaving but I think the majority will stay. some complain about the new functions and features yet still manage to post successfully, suppose many are averse to something new, yet when you first join a site such as this , all the functions and features require getting used to don’t they?

your memory of Jane will always remain alive whilst you are here to make it so. it was 18 months Tuesday just past that Alan passed away, another milestone that only our two children and myself didn’t need reminding of. others tend to remember only when it is mentioned otherwise everyone resumes their own path in life. all the members on this forum will never ever let their husbands’/wives’/partners’ memory fade for one moment.

I understand totally when you talk about the comfort. we were very lucky to have our Golden Wedding Anniversary in the March before he passed in the May. Going from being together for such a long time to continuing alone is one hell of an upheaval, I know in time we shall all be able to cope living without our other half, we shall never stop loving them nor shall we ever forget them. how could we nor would we want to. I too don’t want to go to group meets, I don’t want anyone else, don’t want to meet anyone else. I started going out with Alan when I was 15, never wanted to be with anyone else ever, nothing has changed on that score, even now I still don’t want anyone else.

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today



Hi Jen thank you for your kind reply
Sometimes this emptiness gets to much to bear we were unlucky and had no family have a nephew and niece who live 160 miles away always fairly close as family but have difficulty in talking to them about how I feel the lives on this site many I can relate to on my own ,alone without Jane,the day to day longing to see her,hours dragging by even if I do try to keep busy,at times not wanting to go anywhere or dare without her things on this site so close to my own grief like looking in a mirror.
Don’t think my thoughts will ever change just want the impossible,know that will never happen,just won’t be happy till I see her again when it is my turn.
Kind regards again MM69


Hello Jen and MM,
I am sure that you are right, Jen, maybe MM people are coming to terms with their loss and do not feel the need to continue. Just a thought.
MM you do not offend me in any way, I am pleased that you expressed yourself as you did, I cannot imagine that any of our friends here would be offended.
One of the beauties of this forum is that we can express ourselves just as we need to.
Take care, MM, love, MaryL