Coming Home To An Empty Home

It’s been 4 months since my beloved Hazel was taken from me by pulmonary fibrosis and I miss her more now than ever. I find coming home to an empty house really tough. I know that she’s not going to be here but part of me still hopes that she will be, and then the tears flow again when she isn’t. I thought that it might get easier and for a while it seemed to but at the moment it’s harder than ever. I know that compared to some my loss is pretty recent but does it ever get any easier?


Sorry for loss, i lost my dad in September who lived with me for 15yrs when i got home from work bout 22.30 he always said “right then flower cup of tea then emmerdale” its horrible coming home to a empty house so i kinda know how feel.


Sorry for your loss

It is still early and it seems to happen in cycles - you feel you’re doing a bit better, and then it goes right back
I’m coming up on 8 months, but since Xmas have gone right back to a couple of months after she passed

No rhyme or reason to it - just have to take day at at a time


Hi I’m coming up to 2yrs on 5th May when i lost my partner of 22yrs.
I think your home is the hardest to deal with when grieving.
A lot of my memories happened at home.
My partner battled for 3yrs and part of that was during lock down so those memories stay fresh in my head.
During her diagnosis and illness i spent my nights sleeping on the sofa and because she passed at home in our bed i can’t bring myself to spend a night in the the sofa is where i stay.
I try to go on long walks during the day with my dog ,just so im spending time out the house but its nights when its really hard to cope with.
I think being by yourself in the home is as hard as you make it.
If you can find something you can focus on and look forward to do when you get in house it may help.
I have a jigsaw at the moment and i like to write poems .
But nothing is gonna stop the pain of your loss .ive been up and down for the 2yrs and for me theres no end in site.
Its one horrible feeling but i have alot of her things around the house to keep our memories alive and those things are triggers to upset me but also smile at the picture of her when things were good.
I dont know if there is anything what ive said beneficial to you as we are all dealing with our own loss.
Hope things get better for you .
Life can be so cruel.


So true of our grief

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My heart felt condolences to you
I can feel your pain but know the creator will see you through