Coming to terms

I really loved my stepmum she passed
January 23, here in the uk we celebrated mothers day,
Norma ny stepmum took me on ehen she married mt dad, when u was eight years old, after losing my paternal mother aged five,.
Im struggling his year fir some reason
My dad passedin 2015, ive just learnt at the age of 58 im known as an Adult orphan, another label to contrnd with,
Im visually impaired anf autistic and hsve a very strong christian faith,
But people even in the church let you down all have busy lives families, ect
Not one person has made contact
I feel so alone

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@Titanic401 so sorry to hear about the loss of your stepmum and the lack of support since your loss. You’ve come to the right place: everyone understands, here.


Does the church offer pastoral support? Can you ask for that?

Ive tried vbut to no avail.

Hi @Titanic401
Have you tried to get some counselling?, it might be helpful
Take care :heart: