Coming to terms

Reading most of these stories is heartbreaking, so many loved ones lost.
I lost my wife suddenly in 2022 after 44 years. No goodbyes or anything, so final. I still find it so hard to deal with. Yes the tears are less but the grief is the same. I have lots of loving family but can still feel lonely. Does anyone else feel the same.


So sorry for your loss takr care x

Yes i feel the same, my lovely husband Alan died only about 10 weeks ago, it gone by really slowly. When he was here the time flew by, but now nearly everyone who was there at the beginning dont call or see how i am, it is so lonely. I cry a lot of the time, i miss him so much. My son doesn’t understand that, so as ive said in other messages on here i cry in the bathroom or bedroom when hes home. Hugs to you


Bless your heart so sorry for your loss xxx

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Sorry for your loss,i lost my husband January this year ,I think feeling lonely is one of the worst feelings when you have lost a loved one.Grief takes time Cant you try and reach out to your family and try and tell them how you are feeling ?I feel sure that they would want to help.I feel lonely all the time .I hope this has helped

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Hello @Iseeyouinmydreams.

It’s just over a year since l lost my husband and yes, like you, the tears are slightly less frequent than they were, however the grief and sense of loss are still there as intense as they were at the beginning.

I have a close group of family and friends who do their best to keep me going, which is what my husband would have wanted, and l am trying to live this new life that l have to carry on with. I am learning to survive, am living on my own okay, but it’s the emptiness, the huge hole that his death left me with that is proving the worst part of all this. He filled my life with love and laughter and the silence sometimes is deafening. And yes, l feel lonely even when surrounded by family and friends.

What l’m trying to say is that you’re not alone in feeling as you do. I’m coming to the conclusion that you never get over the loss, you just try to find a way of living with it.

Sending you a hug.


Thank you for the lovely reply. You are so right about the loneliness and emptiness.
I really do try to keep a positive outlook on things but its hard to keep motivated. When asked how I am I just say I’m OK as I don’t want to sound too downbeat to family and friends who all have their own struggles. That is why this sight is good, I can get across how I feel to people in a similar situation. Stay strong and thanks.