Coming up to a year

Hello all
I haven’t been on in a while. Coming up to a year since Frankie’s passing and taking his ashes up to Scotland in a couple of weeks. I’ve been doing really well focusing on my music. I’m ready to take my first exam after 6 months. I don’t know how I feel about this trip. I don’t know if it’s going to hit me all over again. Kintyre was our special place where we got engaged. This will be his proper send off with family and friends💙

I hope all goes well and that you find some sort of peace when you have scattered your loved one’s ashes.

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Thank you. I think I’ve been in a kind of limbo because we could.n’t give him a proper send off

Dear Blue1

I have booked a cottage on the Northumberland coast and will be scattering my husband’s ashes while we are there. When I booked the cottage I thought it was the right thing to do. My husband never discussed where he would want his ashes scattered - I suspect either St James’ Park or (which was never going to happen) at a motorbiking circuit whereas I always knew which beach I wanted to have as my last resting place and that’s where we are going. Now the time is approaching I am starting to feel apprehensive. Also there are some family feuds starting to surface (not me or my kids) which are causing a few issues for me and I just do not need this extra anxiety. So I am thinking of now limiting the people invited. It will, I am sure, just deflect their attention onto me but hey my life cannot get any worse than it already is.

Kintyre is a beautiful spot. For sure memories will surface.

At the moment just focus on your music exams and take one day at a time.

Take care.

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Hi Sheila
I can totally relate. There are family members attending who are not speaking to each other but that’s their problem. Are you from Newcastle?

Dear Blue1

Shocking isn’t it. We are trying to deal with our grief and people cannot put their differences to one side and focus on my husband.

I live in Gateshead.

It’s coming up to one year since my mum died now and I suddenly feel like we’re just barrelling towards it. I wish I could just stop time because I don’t want it to have been a year and more… My mum was buried rather than cremated and her headstone should be getting erected this week. I’m so glad that it will be ready before her anniversary but also almost scared to see it up because it will be so gut-wrenchingly final.

Dear Smeats

So sorry for your loss. The past 12 months has seen time go slow and also rush by. I still find myself in disbelief that my husband has gone.

Take care and try to just take one day at a time.