Complete impatience and anger

Anyone else?

Is it just me that feels that the general public are highly irritating. Waiting for a train and a lady was standing deliberately blocking the ticket machine (her phone was Soooooooo important!!!). The abnoxous older man who is talking to a group of younger people and is behaving like a complete moron (perhaps he thinks behaving that way makes him look cool). He also thought it was a fab idea to stand in front of the newspaper stand.
The lady that’s talking like she is the only person who is going to work this morning. Grrrrr!!!. It’s taking me all of my time to behave like a reasonable human. I’ve never been the most patient person on the planet but lately I’m just…tired!!!.

Surely I’m not alone?

Morning gayle

I have been off work since mum died but I’m due to go back next week and I am dreading the sorts of things you are describing. I have no patience since I lost mum and have isolated myself because I have wanted to be alone but also because I cant tolerate peoples my 50 something friend who has fallen out with my 40 something friend over a petty conversation.
Dealing with people on the train who insist on sitting on the inside seat and you have to climb over them or the man next to me who will sit with his legs wide apart.
I am dreading stupid conversations at work and I feel that I wont be quiet as I used to. I fear i may say my mum just died!
I dont care about so much these days everything pales into insignificance since mum passed x

Same. I get so easily irritated. All I want is peace and quiet. It’s all I can do to stop myself screaming at people “my mum just died”


It’s all about frayed emotions. Anger and irritation are jut two of the many emotional responses to bereavement. If I may suggest, our problem is we think they are something abnormal when they are not.
Yes, people can be irritating. Especially those who come out with the old cliches.
But I think we may all have habits that others may find irritating. I get annoyed with myself at times. I do something stupid and wonder why I did it. I doubt any of us are thinking clearly.
The old saying up North ‘There’s nowt so strange as folk’ really sums it up. But if we look for the good and not get annoyed about the bad (difficult!!), it can help.

Yes, Yes, Yes Gayle, I’ve never been known for my patience and don’t usually ‘suffer fools gladly’, but I am trying to be a better person and smile sweetly.
Have you ever got off a bus and the person in front of you decides to stop and fiddle about in her shopping bag and all those passengers behind can’t get past. And when in a bus queue and people from the back push forward to the front, do they think those of us at the front are standing there for our health. This is something that really winds me up.
I really am trying hard to be a nicer person though and yesterday while in the supermarket I had to listen to the woman in front at the checkout going on and on about her hospital appointments, usually I would have made some comment but i didn’t and never stamped my foot once. I am learning to bite my tongue.