Complete stranger

Strange , I have expressed my deep hurt a few times ,but there was one thing that got to me the most. I desperately wanted to have some one put their arms around me and give me a hug .I have no family ,lost touch with all my old friends .My partner was my family, was my best friend. I visit his grave every week ,no matter how hard I find it.
Today was different, after leaving his grave I started to get upset as I do every time,but today a young girl was there with her partner at the grave of a friend of theirs,
She came up and gave me the first hug I have had, she left her grief to comfort me. A complete stranger showed the care and compassion that I needed, There are some really great people out there.I can not thank her enough for what this act ment to me.


Biffo, that was beautiful and I know just how you feel about not getting hugs. I visited my brother in law this last week and he asked ‘could we hug’ it just felt like the best thing in the world. We are both on our own now and yes we all miss those hugs. Relive that hug. I am sending big hugs but that’s no the same. S xxx

Many people on here will give you a virtual hug, nor the same I know. Sometimes I just want to stand on my roof ,and scream, please. All I want is for someone to understand.
Take care.


Dear PeteE59

Can totally relate. Take care.


Thank you, for me it seemed that it took a stranger to give me comfort I needed, and to understand, someone who , sadly , was going through the same feelings.

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