Complicated family set up

I’ve just lost my Dad (10 days ago). He was ill but he fought a courageous fight and I was really hoping he’d pull through. When he was well he was always fit and strong so it came as a shock when I had the call from the hospital to say he’d passed. I guess it’s never not a shock no matter how prepared you are. I’ve been very sad which I think is normal and when I remember I’ll never speak to or see him again I feel like I can’t breathe.

To cut a long story short this weekend some information has come out in relation to the wider family and it’s made me furious and I really don’t know how to process it. It’s a deep burning rage and taking over from my grief and any happy memories I have about my Dad which I don’t want to happen.
I’m trying to find other people who have perhaps been through a similar situation with a parent with previous marriages and children (estrangement) etc but I don’t know where to start. If anyone wants to chat please send me a private message…

Thanks so much,

Hello, it’s always a difficult when nasty things happen after someone dies. I can understand why you feel furious and it’s easy for me to say don’t let it get to you, the main thing is not to let others know how upset you really are. Death and funerals do bring the worst out of certain people.
Take care and be careful. S xxx