I lost my beautiful Nana 10 weeks ago,and I feel so low.I cant stop crying,feel very emotional all the time,however dr testing me for menopause,as I dont actually feel depressed as such.Could it be grief still?x

Hello Northy

Whatever your doctor comes up with, it doesn’t sound like depression to me, I think you are just plain grieving ! Feeling low and emotional all the time is normal. normal for you at the moment. Everyone grieves in their own way and ten weeks is no time at all. Helen, my wife died, over 5 months ago and there is rarely a day when I don’t shed a tear at some point. Only if you get to feel stuck and it is seriously getting in the way of living would I say it is a real problem. No doubt other people will post and give you reassurance. Your doctor may recommend Cruse for counselling but it is your choice and only if you feel you need it. Priscilla, the Community Manager, can help too. Give yourself some time Northy, you can’t rush this.
Take good care of yourself

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Hello @Northy and welcome to our Community - I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of your Nana, but I do hope you can find the support you need here.

As Alan said, 10 weeks is no time at all so it’s perfectly normal for you to be feeling emotional.

You might find it helpful to join in some other threads where people have had a similar experience, for example this thread from Wibbs83 who has also lost a grandparent recently

best wishes

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Thankyou Alan,some days Im not so bad,but then I can cry at anything or get angry at the drop of a hat!It feels amplified as Im a care worker for very high support needs,and I just couldnt cope at work,Id lost my patience and felt like I couldnt care for someone else,so Im now off work.

thanks so muchx

Hi North,it could be grief but I think you have a very good doctor if she is testing you for the menopause as not many doctors will, if it is the menopause you can still feel grief but He/she will be able to tell if it’s grief by what you tell’s natural to be sad regards your nan but there is a big difference between the have done right thing by going g to doctor.