Constantly picturing son and coffin.

Is it just me or do other people that have lost someone always picture there face, but in my case the coffin to.
Last thing at night, first thing in morning, when I’m angry when I’m restless. It’s really getting to me, I get past one thing then another crops up. I really feel ill never get over this. Am I going crazy?

No not at all. I constanyly see this. I can’t even say it. It is too unthinkable. I feel I am at the point that I can’t even go there. Then i feel bad. A parent should be able to bear anything for thrir child, after all our children had too. Sorry, in a really bad way today.
Tomorrow is another day. Xx

You are not going crazy but it must feel as though you are as it is too much to comprehend. You are trying to make sense of it all but unable to do so as your mind is probably working overtime and searching for answers. It is exhausting. I am having counselling and I find this really helpful and this may be something you’d consider? Grief can make you think you are going crazy and it can be comforting to know others have shared your experience. It is still early days and you are dealing with such a tragic loss but things will get more bearable. Maybe at first a few moments when the crushing sense of loss is lightened then a little glimmer of hope like a chink of light That cuts through the dark veil of grief and eventually you will find yourself being able to look forward to sunnier times. We can not grieve to this depth forever there must be happier times to come even though hard to imagine at the moment. Take care of yourself and sending you strength and warm thoughts x

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Awww I hope your OK. I know the feeling to we’ll. One step forward 4 steps back. My heart is breaking. I close my eyes and I see his tiny coffin. Not an image I like to remember. It’s so hard. I hate the only people understand had to feel the pain I have. I’m so sorry for you. I know what you must feel. Thoughts and prayers with you. Keep strong x
Stephen. :frowning:

Hi thanks for the kind words.
I’ve started councilling but I really struggle to talk. Much easier on here. People know the pain. They understand.
It’s literally eating me up. Taking over my life again. It’s so unfair.

Thank you for your kind words. How are you today?
I have a lot to do today so there will at least be some distraction.
When my child died 10 months ago I too read every thread I could find; in fact I read everything I could find from any source. It did help, at least whilst I was reading. I was shocked to realise how many parent’s were sharing this unbearable journey. It is a sad comfort to know we are not alone.
I hope rveryone has as good a day as they can. Xx

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I too close my eyes and see my son in his coffin, I don’t want to see him there. Yes, I think I am going mad. Not sleeping, over eating junk, and forgetting things. I feel like I am not here in the present surrounded by a haze. Don’t think I will ever feel happy again. I have no interest in anything.

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I really understand your pain I’m still feeling this way every single day it breaks my heart. I’m stuck in a trance I can’t shake it off at all.

Hi S
I lost my son in July and I cannot get the picture of him when he passed in the hospice out of my head. I have been told this will pass. I have been looking at pics and remembering the days they were taken in an effort to push this image further away in my thoughts. I too feel a bit unhinged at the moment, dont think we are crazy.

I really understand I feel crazy, I see images in my sleep, in my rage, when I’m calm, I can’t shake them, try to remember the happy times but it down won’t.
I’m filled with so much sadness i cry myself to sleep everyday. Life has treated us so unfair, now I’m suffering more. People say I’ll get past this but they don’t know the feeling. Hope your OK an please take a little comfort that your not alone. X

It’s been over a year now and I don’t feel any different.

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