Cooked my first meal since jim went

Today I cooked a cottage pie. Jim loved my cottage pie so I found it difficult to cook plus its a lot of faff for 1 person but I’m going up mums tomorrow and staying the night so thought I would make a pie and take it up with me. It brought back lots of emotions and hope it tastes the same as before I did a pic of it


Dear Misprint

That is a wonderful gesture and must have taken a lot of courage and I am certain a lot of emotions. We were traditional in that most days we had dinners, always with Yorkshire puds. Now I just try to make the same meals for our little grandsons but have to admit as I try and eat with them the food is forced down. But well done. xxxx

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Well done Misprint, that is a big step forward, even if you don’t want to cook everyday. As long as you take care of yourself, that’s what Jim would want.

It looks lovely, enjoy,

Misprint, hey that looks tasty :drooling_face: is hard cooking for one… I just cooked for 2 as if my wife was still here and stuck hers in the microwave and ate it the nxt day… I guess everyone does it differently… You take care girl x


Looks good your a star lv annie x

I need support from you all. I have booked a yoga flow session for the 4.3.22. I booked for them to give me time to get the courage to go. I’m already having wovbbles

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Hi I do Pilates and every time it’s a struggle to go but once I’m there and after the class I feel so much better and am glad I went but it’s so easy to back out, hope it goes well for you xx