Cooking for one

How does every one cope with cooking for one?Rob had a huge appetite but I can’t spend the rest of my life on microwave meals!Help

Hi Jill. Dump the microwave meals and make your own. Do a big cook and then microwave. Soups/stews are easy. Cottage Pie, stir fry’s the list is endless if you try. Just simple to get one out of the freezer when you want something to eat. Look after yourself this is important at a time like this. It’s easy to neglect ourselves when we can’t be bothered.
I grow most of my own Veggies on our allotments so it’s easy for me all the meals are veg based.
Good luck

That’s how I feel.I can’t sit at the table without Rob sitting opposite me.I know it’s early days yet and maybe things might change.I’m eating plenty of fruit during the day but I would rather snack than eat a proper meal.I can’t bring myself to use the cooker because he was alive the last time I used it.Maybe it’s my coping mechanism.

I used to love cooking meals as my husband was always so appreciative. I’ll admit to not eating much since he died. But we have to look after ourselves don’t we. My solution is to cook a big batch of something comforting in my slow cooker. Then I batch it into boxes and freeze it. Then at least I’m eating a healthy meal by just popping it in the microwave. There are some great slow cooker recipes on line x

I forgot to say that I also can’t sit in the dining room to eat. I sit with a tray on my lap also. My husband also loved his meals and when I tried to get him to become a veggie it was a no, no. I did however stop all red meat and he did eventually like veggie meals. I enjoyed cooking for him and made all the meals look appetising. I still cook for myself but just throw it all on the plate.

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for the first few months following Alan’s passing, I lived off glasses of fresh orange and bowls of cereals, when I finally started eating properly, well not actually properly, more like eating a little better, I’d make a meal, have a portion that evening, freeze two portions possibly three depending on how filling it was, and keep the remaining portion for the following day. although more often than not, I’d end up binning the rest because I didn’t fancy it the following day, wasted so much food it was unbelievable.

these days now I have batch cooking days and make several different meals all on the one day, dividing into portion sizes that are not over filling, (I only eat small portions), write their details and date on each bag then freeze to use later. I’ve started using zip locked bags, squeezing all the excess air out and freezing flat, this takes up less room in the freezer and makes the contents quicker to defrost. I use trays for the cottage pies of course but the rest I use bags.

it has saved a great deal on waste, I throw less away now, more economical too. bought a slow cooker so use that too. love the soup maker our son bought me about 3 or 4 years ago, and I use it regularly.

now I always have something in the freezer to eat. in the words of Alexander… seeemples

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today

Jen ☆ oh and apologies for any mis-typed words that I’ve missed in checking before posting ☆

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hi Jill
I used to love cooking meals for Jayne.Roast dinners most Days when Jayne was home.I really cant be bothered I stick to beans or the chippy.

The trouble with the ready meals is that they have hidden fats, sugars and salt. There is usually cheese included in them for flavouring, which has a whooping amount of fat in it.
I had to learn years ago about healthy food as Brian was so ill and thin after three ops in as many months and I could get no help from the medical profession. They are not trained in this subject so avoided the situation I was in. I was even told by a GP that I knew more about diet/alternatives than he did and would find a way. So I would advise drop the ready meals it’s really not hard to knock up a simple healthy meal for any amount of people, especially with slow cookers or soup makers. As advised cook more than you need and freeze. Drop the packet stuff/chippy and eat sensibly. Food can make all the difference to our health and who want’s to be sat in an A&E or GP waiting room for hours.
I do admit though to slipping from time to time. Well, can I help it if a cream cake drops into my shopping basket!!!

I shall look for a cook book tomorrow.It’s making that effort to cook something but I will do it.I might surprise myself! Love,Jill :hibiscus:

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I was thinking about this tonight…Preparing a meal and eating alone is very difficult. No routine, just when I’m hungry or really know I should eat. I’m eating meals and food combinations that Che never would have cared for. Simple one dish oven meals - chicken with sweet potatoes & a veggie has become a staple. Salads - I buy really good ones at the market & I always eat them once I put them on a plate - making from scratch is just too much effort (and waste). I can eat the same thing for a couple of days with no problem. Can’t make any of his favorites, can’t open a can of beans or eat certain cereals - even a cup of coffee can reduce me to tears…

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I know how you feelWe often ate different meals because I am not a great meat eater apart from chicken.Maybe I’m just not ready yet to cook something.I eat off my lap because eating at the table is so lonely.Putting something in a bowl is much easier

I’m sure you will Jill. I too do combinations that Brian wouldn’t have really wanted but would have been too polite to refuse. It’s really not hard. Stir fry’s, casseroles (posh word for stews). Veg and meat or fish, all healthy and easy. I don’t put it on the plate all tidy now I just throw it on all mixed up but it goes down the same. I can get away with eating lots of sweet potato, I love it but Brian didn’t unless I mashed it up to disguise it. Go for it.

I know what you mean.Rob loved his roasts,especially a leg of lamb,but what’s the point now?I can’t do that for myself!

It’s a problem for everyone that’s on there own I am the same I by a lot of ready meals it’s not the same just eating and cooking by ower selves Alan use to like cooking non of these cooking programmes seem to understand how difficult it is when you’re by your self and as for Christmas I just wanted to hide party season in an empty homes it’s been 5 month’s for me now but it still feels like yesterday Iam not sure if I am going to even put a tree up this year it just seems to soon but Alan like the tree up I just don’t no. Yes this cooking for one well that is the worst take care all x

That’s how I’m feeling.I eat when I’m hungry but It might just be a snack.I haven’t eaten a full meal yet.The appetite just isn’t there.I’m trying not to think of Christmas.I’ve never been on my own before.My neighbour might invite me but I don’t know if I can.I agree on the Christmas tree and decorations.My heart isn’t in it.Take care ,Jill💐