Coping chat

Hi all,
How is everyone coping as the days are going on in this lockdown.
I’m finding I’m having more down days and so probably most of you .
Just been drifting around the house, looking out the windows, thinking what I can do, just not feeling anything today, just empty.
So I’m slumped on the sofa watching this morning.
I do need a good kick up the bum, but you think what’s the point .
I had a lovely chat on FaceTime this morning with my grandkids, they do melt my heart and cheer me up, bless them, but that’s it.
Just wondering how everyone’s day is going x

Hi Steph, 5 months today since I lost Colin seems like 5 minutes so a bit of a wobble this morning. Like you I am wandering around trying to fill the days just watched ‘This morning’ as well and actually motivated myself to join in with the dancing :roll_eyes: I try to keep to a routine but end up eating too much chocolate and watching :poop: on Netflix. Normally I would meet friends for lunch or go for coffee with my sister but we can’t even do that now. I have not even done any cleaning this week, not like anyone is going to visit so why bother ( any excuse) :wink: Glad you had a nice facetime with your Grandkids they will keep you going. Hopefully all will be back to normal soon before we all need a straightjacket :joy: keep your chin up Mrs :+1:
V xx


If I could come round and give you that kick I would but so long as it’s not everyday and all day then remember tomorrow is another day.
We are living in extremely difficult time and it will be hard and getting up and doing things will get even harder.
I have just had an email with a poem about looking out of the window and watching other people, that’s what I have done. Funny thing about our new life. If you can find things to do each day and don’t get to worked up.
Blessings S


Hi V,
Sending a hug, five months, it’s about that for me aswell, but seems like yesterday, hope you ok .
You are good dancing, I did think about it, but that’s as far as it went :joy:
The telly is :poop:and now they are cutting down the soaps, they’re only going to put more :poop:on .
I’m the same with the cleaning, I thought well no ones coming what’s the point, it does make us lazy and eating more chocolate, I’ll be a permanent fixture on the sofa :joy:
Hope it doesn’t go on too long, otherwise we will need straight jackets.
Take care x

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Hi susie 123,
Thanks for the offer of the kick :joy:I might need it if it goes on for months.
I will get motivated, it’s just one of those days.
Looking out the window, there’s nothing going on, feel like a nosey neighbour.
The weather’s going to warm up a bit the next few days, so be nice to do jobs in the garden.
Take care x

Hi everyone, it is 21 weeks today that my husband died suddenly and my world was shattered. I too am having problems with motivating myself - keep thinking what’s the point? I have found the news reports about people dying on their own particularly distressing as that is exactly what happened to my husband. He was with my son when he collapsed but he was quickly ushered away and my husband was taken to hospital alone and died after resuscitation attempts failed in a&e.
None of us was with him and it’s haunting me .
Only others on this site will have had any idea of the nightmare we are living. I am just sorry there are so many of us.


Hi Jobar,
It feels like yesterday doesn’t it, everything goes over and over in our minds of the day that changed our lives forever .
The news is heartbreaking, of people dying alone, hope you ok . I have to switch off the news now, it’s just too much, I do listen a bit as you need to know what’s going on, but anymore, I just can’t deal with.
I understand how that keeps playing on your mind, I keep reliving that awful day, we just keep torturing ourselves, hopefully in time the thoughts will ease, but it’s still so raw at the minute.
A day at a time, as we all know is the best thing.
At first I was constantly thinking about the future without him and it was killing me, but now I try not to think far ahead, easier said than done though, but we don’t know what tomorrow will bring as we all know, things can happen and change in a split second. It’s just so hard for us all, how have we found the strength to get this far. I think this site has a lot to be thankful for.
Stay strong x

Hi Stephtim, have tried limiting news reports as having a detrimental effect. Am trying to live in the moment instead of yearning for the past and dreading the future. Helps knowing you understand where I’m coming from. Thank you

Hi, don’t be hard on yourself, things will get better and as you say a bit of sunshine makes a whole world of difference. It’s not an easy life for anyone at the moment and grieving with all the virus problems just isn’t fair. To be honest most days I do give myself a kick and say get on with it but some days it doesn’t work. Those days I say “be kind” and let’s laze around for a while. The problem at the moment is that because I am not expecting anyone or going anywhere I don’t do my hair or get dressed up, so I am beginning to think I am not the only one. My neighbors come out to clap tonight, 8.00 and so many of the women were in their nightwear, that tells us, stop being hard on ourselves. Things in this crazy world will get better, give those grandchildren a bit smile next time you FaceTime them.
Blessings to all. S


Thanks susie,
We’re all the same, going through the same thoughts and feelings, yes everyone was clapping here, very emotional.
Take care
Steph x