Coping Financially

Hello , I have been reading all posts since my husband passed away in October 2023 . My Husband was the sole earner in our partnership . He died very suddenly at the age of 59 . I am not coping too well , just feel so angry now most of the time. I have had to apply for Universal credit , and it has been awful . Although originally they did seem sympathetic and understanding of my situation. At my first meeting they said that they would give me 6 months , I would not need to attend interviews . I was awarded ÂŁ370 ish per month . This of course just about covered my Mortgage and electric , so as my doctor , had given me a fit note , I could claim for a via a health assessment , for another benefit , as I was not able to work . I had the assessment a few weeks ago. it was horrible , the questions were not relevant to my situation at all , I came away crying and so very angry . I kept saying that I needed help in the short term as my husband had died so suddenly . Long story short I was refused and they deemed me capable of work . I then had a phone call to ask if my circumstances had changed . I just wanted to shout at them and just did not understand the question . Nothing has changed , my husband is still dead . I am so lucky that my mum and my brother have helped me and I also have managed to get a part time job, so will be off benefits in a couple of weeks . But I do worry that there must be people in my situation that do not have any financial back up . And this is a dreadful situation to be in , on top of an dreadful situation of losing a partner . I just want to shout and complain to someone . Sorry for my rant


I’m so sorry for your loss and the worry of finance on top must be so hard. Have you applied for widow bereavement. My husband died suddenly at the age of 53 and so didn’t get to retirement age. You be able to apply if you were married though Def won’t go far Xx

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Yeh @Hazel.1966 is correct. Ypu can ger bereavment benefit. ÂŁ100 a month for 18 months please try find out about it xx


So sorry for your loss.

In terms of Finance, speak with your local Citizens Advice Bureau about what you are entitled too, they will also help you with applications and appeals.


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How about monies she owed bank loans credit cards all in her name also other lenders ??

You can apply if you weren’t married now but you have to of had children to qualify

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That is good…about time they changed that…though definitely bittersweet xx

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What a horrendous, and very stressful situation. There should be separate help for situations like this, as I bet there’s a lot of folk who’s partners were the only earner in their household before they passed. It’s extremely unfair to say you’re fit for work when you’re navigating extreme greif. The system is so very flawed, forcing those in crisis and alone, to do things they should never have to do at that point. I hope you are okey and your new job and colleagues are kind and understanding to you. Good luck xxx

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