Coping with a funeral

How do you cope on the day of the funeral? Some people break down, while others find it surprisingly comforting to get together with others and share memories.

H wrote these lovely words (below) about her dad’s funeral on another conversation - I’ve started a new conversation here for anyone who wants to talk more about this. Post a reply below to share your own tips or experiences.

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I thought I would be in pieces but I kept it together for me and my Mum. The church was the hardest bit but so nice. I didn’t look at people’s faces. Thankfully the funeral company asked people to complete cards to say who had come. A really nice touch.

Not many people came to the cemetery, which in the end was nice.

Lots went to the pub. It was s lovely couple of hours chatting to people who knew Dad. That was the true celebration of everything good. My brother did a PowerPoint of photos of his life. So nice.