Coping with a grandparent after losing my mum

Has anybody else been in a similar situation? I’ve lost both parents now, my mum just 12 weeks ago. My Nan (Mum’s Mum) is 91 and living in a care home. As we all are aware access to her is very hard at the moment but luckily she has a ground floor room so we can do window visits. Each time I visit her I walk away breaking my heart. I’m now her next of kin and have taken over everything my mum did for her. I’m currently trying to arrange the LPA’s but I’m finding it all so emotional and the care home are not the greatest in communicating. I’m just really struggling with it all :cry:

Hi. Alocin. How your post was not replied to I just don’t know. So many come on and it’s difficult to see them all. Anyway. I’m answering you now. It must be pretty awful having to see someone only though the window. Before covid my wife had a downstairs room and I could wave to her when I visited.
Care homes have so much to cope with. They have always been in private hands. Some, very few, are NHS funded.
Twelve weeks is so little time, but that added burden of your Nan makes life so much more difficult. All you can do is take it a day at a time. Now that’s an old cliché and not very helpful. It seems you are alone in this. Do you have anyone close who can ease the burden a little? I do hope this site has been helpful, because when we read how others cope it does make things a little more bearable.
Take it easy, or as easy as you can. Struggling with emotions is not helpful. Emotions will come anyway and should be allowed to. Try and leave a little space in your mind for yourself, it’s so easy to neglect ourselves in this situation.
Blessings and take care. John.