Coping with anger ?

It’s a year now, and I have begun to move on, I’m doing all the things that one needs to do to help the process, but the one thing that gives me real problems is the enormous anger that I feel at being ripped apart from my soulmate. We both were fully committed Christians, but now I find a huge question mark over my faith. How can a loving and caring God have dealt or allowed such a devastating blow?? I can’t seem to move beyond this question which I know I will never be able to answer. Can anyone help ?

Good morning. Anger’s a very common feeling - and we do hear similar things from people who question their faith after a loved one dies. It’s hard to fathom, right?

I think a lot of people will question their faith at some point, and it is definitely more prominent during times of loss. But, there’s strength to be found in your Christian community, and I’m sure there will be people there who can also listen to your doubts and maybe help? Using those around you to help talk and question what happened can be enormously helpful.

I’m sure other people will read this and be able to offer their advice too. Thanks for sharing - it’s a good start to handling what’s going on.