Coping with Bereavement when got other Life Problems


I’m Trent. I’m twenty four years old. I’ve had one hell of a life.
My biological mum. Sharon and dad have never been part of my life, I’ve never met them. I recently found evidence of historic child abuse and that Sharon tried to kill me as a baby. She always has taken drugs and alcohol. I was brought up by my biological grandmother Ingrid. She did aa fantastic job. Right through school I was the target of extreme bullying, assaults and verbal abuse. During my last few years of scjoll whilst my sister Emily was still at home she attacked me and Ingrid. This was argued to be a mental health problem. I am no longer convinced by this. 7th March 2019 Ingrid died and two females Chloe and Hannah moved in, assaulted me, physically financially and emotionally abused me. I went through some supported living placements once I got rid of them. I’ve taken a number of overdoses recently

The bereavement has caused me nkt to think clearly

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Dear Trent
I am so sorry for your loss you must feel so alone and lost right now because of losing the only true family you had. You have been through such a hard time in your young life. I too know what it is like to be bullied and abused but I was very lucky to have two fantastic parents in the same way you had your gran. My brother though is an alcoholic and has been a drug addict and he had a chlld with another girl he moved into my mums house who was the drug addict that got him addicted. My mum and dad basically adopted my nephew and cared for him but had he been left under the care of his so called mother he too would most likely have died. My mother sacrificed the rest of her life to look after him as if he was her own son much as Ingrid did for you. I am so glad that you had her in your life so that you know what love is. You have been through so much it has obviously left you with many emotional scars over time that due to this bereavement has opened up so many old wounds for you. Also it appears that these others Chloe and Hannah also took advantage of you while you were very vulnerable after your loss. I don’t know the circumstances that caused this but unfortunately it has left you in completely different circumstances. The best advice I can give you is to get some help it is obvious from your post that you need some real support and care. Please don’t take anymore overdoses, I have been there I also did this when I was a few years younger than you because of bullying at school and a teacher assaulting me and later bullying at work, I blamed me as if there was something wrong with me for all these people to be so bad to me. It wasn’t me, it was them. You need to seek some help get counselling and get it now. You can use the Sue Ryder and Cruz counsellors but there is a waiting list and I think you need something sooner than that unfortunately its harder because of COVID but I think your best bet is to go to your local GP as soon as possible and ask for help. Even if they ask if you feel you need to go into the local psyc ward for a few days don’t be ashamed you need the space and help to get back on your feet.
You are so very young and I believe you are much stronger than you know . You can do this do it for your gran. You are still young enough to go to college and do something maybe learn a trade. Yes school is crap but college isn’t like that it is so much better and it would be really good for you to make friends and learn about the good side of life. However you need to build yourself up before you can get there . You can do this. Take it step by step. Do it for your Gran and make her proud. Your past circumstances and those of your family do not need to define who you become or what your future will become. So go now and phone your GP and get some help. You have to become proactive in your own care afterall if you don’t who will.

Take care. Thinking of you

Hi Trent
Am just checking up on you to see how you are doing. Am quite worried about. Know someone is thinking of you. Please keep posting there are some lovely people on here who will give you some support.
Thinking of you,

Hi iv read what life you’ve had it has been so hard for you I was bought up in care I my day it was so hard I didn’t know I had a brother and sister that are both dead now some one killed my brother my sister died brain hemorrhage I really miss them I had 4 children I now have two my daughter was killed by a car she was 8 my son took his life 6 weeks ago I am so so heart broken and my to grown up children you have had a tough life but take a moment to say to your self you know what I am still here yes you have the scars the bad memorys make the most of your life you are young and when you have a family of your own you will treat them. So good don’t try and take your own life you have so much to live for I am 66 my life has been hell I carry on for my two kids make the most of your life trying to take your own life hurts you hope this helps