Coping with bereavement

Tall chap 999, I am so sorry for your recent loss at least when we chat to each other we all know and understand the emotions of loosing a loved one are, even when in company you can still feel alone. I am further on since Dave Passed away but still have very hard days, take each day as it comes, cry get angry dont do anything if you’re if feeling drained there are no hardened rules do it your way but dont be afraid to ask for help if it gets too tough. Please chat anytime.

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I agree with everything said,anger,sobbing,not interested and doing a thing ! No friends and the ones I do have say they know how I feel,no they don’t,I would a bereave widow to chat,either here,mobile phone or WhatsApp,I’m open to for any of them tc,Kev.

Hello Kev
Tried to phone you but number coming up not recognised ?

Tallchap999, is every thing okay with you.

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