Coping with bereavement

Its just over 4 mths now since I lost John.
I thought by now some sort of existence would be possible but it gets harder every day.
The loneliness and pain is unbearable and find myself just walking from room to room getting more upset. Weekends are the worse I suppose. Doing things on your own are the worse. Got to a point now where I just dont do anything whats the point.
I havent been well with a bacterial infection for a week and having to drive to the Doctors on my own to get antibiotics and not seeing anyone for a week is awful.
I been tbrough some bad times in my life but this is the worst of all. So many plans we had and things we did together and now I do nothing. Feeling so bad today.
I know you all understand and would love to help as I try to do for others but there is no help that eases the pain of loss of a husband who has been by your,side every day for 38 yrs. Love to you all xx


Dear @Shelley50

Thank you for sharing how you feel, there are no words to describe the pain of losing a loved one until you have experienced it yourself. It is hard to get motivated and to establish a new routine on your own, more so when you feel unwell and having to do everything yourself.

I do hope you feel better soon, we understand the pain you are going through and are here for you as a Community, please continue to reach out here any time. You are not alone.

Take care.

Pepsi xx

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