Coping with day to day practicalities!

I am trying to sort out a new landline phone…seemingly a simple task but one which has so many options that are beyond my limited technical comprehension. I am cross and frustrated with myself and just overwhelmed yet again at how hard it is to cope with simple issues without my soulmate beside me. He would have sorted it out in minutes and laughed with me at my inadequacy. Why is it the everyday things which catch us unawares and start the tears flowing? Two years on and I am in bits all over again…I know the tears will pass but I just wondered how everyone else copes x

The same as you, I end up in tears.
At the moment I have endless little problems with the car and house. I try and sort them out but they overwhelm me . My brother tries to help but I hate to keep asking him everytime I see him.
My partner and I always tackled problems together as a team now they’re a constant reminder of how much I’ve lost. Jx

Thank you for replying and making me feel more “normal”!
I see from your other posts that your grief journey has only recently begun so things must seem really bleak just now. I can’t say that we ever really recover from losing our soulmates but time does make the path more managable as each one of us develops coping strategies and manage to keep going. Little things can sometimes knock us sideways (like me yesterday! ) but the awful rawness does subside so please be kind to yourself and don’t give up. I now walk with Barry inside my heart rather than physically beside me…we never lose the love and we somehow find the strength. Take care x

Hello, yes I have been through the same experience trying to organise various tasks which seem to be everyday tasks to some people but when you are thrown into our position it is a nightmare. Have you contacted the bereavement department regarding the phone line? I tried everything and eventually I was put through to them and they were brilliant. I have used this service for many of the things I have had to sort out.

My beloved husband passed away last May and what a roller coaster I have been on but now finding my feet and thrown myself into garden, which haste to say I hadn’t got a clue as it was his pride and joy but plodding through and have many conversations with him to ask his approval as to ha e I done this correct or not, I do hope you manage to get the phone sorted and and relax knowing you have completed another task. Good luck toy will be fine and all of us here on the forum can understand as we ha e all had to go through this terrible time organising everyday things.

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