Coping with grief at Christmas


I’ve seen quite a few threads recently where members are dreading Christmas. We know that this is a particularly difficult time of year. Whether it’s your first Christmas without someone, or you lost them many years ago, you might find that your grief is more intense throughout the holiday season.

If you’re struggling to cope with the sadness, anger or any other emotion brought up during this time, we have an support page that might be helpful:

If you need support in coping with Christmas, please do reach out to the community. Do feel that you can use this thread as a space to talk, too.

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Yes, the lead up to Christmas feels like it’s getting worse. My dad passed away in June this year, was so sudden. 3 weeks and he was gone. His birthday is still to come and that’s going to be difficult then we have Christmas.

The one thing that I’m kind of happy about is that my brother is coming up and that we will be spending time with family - my mum is still around and I’ve caught her a lot when she had broke down and is heartbreaking to see her like that.


i love all the decs etc, always have, and my tree will go up in nov, my hubby and son did not but they still liked the xmas dinner and we still did pressies but to us it was just another day. we have never been one for families at xmas in any form, we always said if they cant be bothered during the yr, dont bother at xmas.
last yr was the first xmas without dave and it wasnt that bad tbh, no different from any other day. i still went up to london to see the lights etc.

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The money I would have spent on my son will be going to a charity very close to my heart. I will take time out as I do every day to reflect. Apart from that May a tiny decoration and some peaceful lights, and lots of walking. Myself and my partner will do what we want but he will give me all the support as always to get through it .