Coping with grief during lockdown

I have a very close knit circle of friends, to the extent that we often refer to ourselves as “family” recently we lost one of our members and are really struggling to cope with this in light of the lockdown rules.
All the things that have previously helped us when suffering a loss are not available to us - we can’t meet up, we can’t hug, we can’t go out beyond our local areas. We have had a go at a group video call however it was just too awkward and, for many of us, too much like being at work - many of us were already desperate for some in-person interaction and less screen time before this loss and no we are crying out for it.
Does anyone else have advice about how to cope with this?

Good friends are so precious. It sounds like you and your friends would do anything to support each other, especially at this time, but lockdown is making it really hard. I don’t really have any advice.

There are only two suggestions I would like to make: the first is to start planning an event for when restrictions are lifted when you can ale be together again. I always feel when I go through a difficult time that it helps to have something to look forward to and to plan.

The second suggestion is to have another go at a group call, but this time with a specific purpose. Maybe everyone can write a tribute to the friend you lost, recalling memories and what that friend meant to each one of you, take it in turns to read it out, and maybe at the end light a candle together, or raise a glass in memory of your friend.


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