Coping with grief on Father's Day


I know that Sunday is going to be a very tough day for many of our lovely members. I wanted to share our support page on coping with grief on Father’s Day in case it’s helpful or comforting to read.

Please do reach out to the community, too - you are not alone :blue_heart:


I lost my dad in May and I still can’t believe I’m never going to see him again, me and my mom are going to the crem on Sunday, I just wish he was here, I would give anything to have him still with us, we all miss him so much :cry:


I can’t relate to how it’s like to lose a dad as my dad is still alive but I have lost my mum. I always feel lost without my mum everyday especially Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day isn’t the same for me no more.
What I do is have a day my dad that my mum would want for her. Full of happy memories and love
As I have recently started to live a life where I don’t let grief control me next Mother’s Day next year will be even more special.
I’m sorry for your loss

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Been a tough day for lots of people I am sure - I lost my Father 10 months ago today to Pancreatic Cancer just 4 weeks after he was diagnosed. He was 64 years old and this is my first fathers day without him.

I have two children under the age of 10 who have wanted to celebrate the day so tried to spend some time with my grief this morning in private and then doing something nice this afternoon with them.

I have been dreading today all week and avoiding shops / social media in the build up. I don’t normally show my emotions but did get upset quite a bit this morning. I do realise I am on a grief journey - for the first time I actually felt really angry today and didnt really know what to do with myself.

I hope that today has been as good as it could have been for you, that there has been smiles when you can and that you have had time to process.

I’m sorry for your loss, my dad passed away on the 10th May, me and my mom went to the memorial garden where he was cremated and although emotional it was a lovely place, very peaceful and calm, lots of Father’s Day cards and flowers placed around, and although we haven’t made any decisions where to lay him to rest it was nice to go and see where he can, take care x

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Thank you (I never know what to say when people say this!).

I am sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope that visiting the Memorial Garden gave you a sense of peace.

My Dad was cremated and I am still saving for a Memorial Stone in his memory so the family have somewhere to go and remember him. I dont live in my home town anymore so went to a Church / Cemetary near me and sat on a bench for an hour or two. It was sad to see how many visitors it had in the time I was there but also I knew I had to confront my grief today - thank you for starting this thread.