Coping with grief

My 19 year old daughter died 3 months ago. She had epilepsy for 5 years. She just started University and she died alone… My heart is broken and my head feels that it will explode. I can’t cope with out speaking to her. She was my only daughter and I was a single mother for a long time and she was my best friend. I am so lost and alone.

Hi my daughter died to suicide just over a Month ago…she was just 14 the shock has started to wear off and reality is sinking in, not looking forward to what’s ahead, but I have chosen to survive it so will try hard to make the best I can now , they don’t want us to hurt, your not alone xx

So so sorry for your loss. It’s unbearable it truly is. My daughter Caitlin died in September on a university field trip to Tanzania- she just didn’t wake up one morning. She was 20 and our only child. I know I will never learn to live with this loss - it’s just too great. I do best when I literally only think of the next few hours or the day I’m living as I don’t feel I have any future now. I lived for my daughter we were incredibly close and I know she knew she was loved beyond anything.
I know that people do survive such horrific loss, but I suspect it is just literally survival and not truly living. I miss her so terribly all I think about is being reunited with her one day and hoping and praying that it won’t be too far away.
Sending love and hugs xxx

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Hello all,
What terrible times for you all. I don’t have children so I can’t begin to imagine your pain.
I do understand the pain and shock of sudden and unexpected loss . Take time to grieve for your loved ones, don’t be rushed into making decisions about anything, belongings , plans , if you can find somebody impartial to talk to do so.
Family and friends mean well but they have no idea how you feel. All they wanted me to do was " get back to normal" normal has gone .
Wishing you this saddest of times. Sadme

Thanks, for your message. I am trying to remember all the good memories we shared. I just wish I could speak to her once more.

Sending you love and hugs as well, I know that my daughter knew I loved her so much I just miss her so much she was brave and kind and had a heart of gold. I was lucky to be her mum

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Thank you Milsmum, I really understand how you feel. I’m having a calmer few hours now ( I’ve been to the grave in the stormy weather as it makes me feel I’ve done something for her), but I have felt worse than ever this week- I just miss her so very much. It’s so impossible to contemplate any future without Caitlin in it- it’s truly unimaginable. I try my best to concentrate on just the day I’m trying to get through and no more as that is all I can cope with. In truth the more we love the more we hurt and there is comfort in knowing that our daughters knew how loved they were- at least that is something. Sending hugs xxx

It is sometimes 1 minute at a time yesterday was hard as for a long time it was me and my daughter and we always treated ourselves on valentine. I just keep thinking of all the joy she brought to me but like you my heart is breaking. Take care and sending you hugs

Oh bless her - I took valentines flowers to Caitlin’s grave yesterday as I couldn’t bear the idea of her missing out. She was such good company and such a dear soul and we, like you and your daughter, spent so many happy times together. It’s so heartbreaking to think that there will be no more.
Thinking of you xxx