Coping with loneliness in St. Albans..?

Is there anybody in the St. Albans , Hertfordshire area feeling lonely due to bereavement?
Let’s meet up for coffee somewhere mutual to have a chat and conquer loneliness….and make new friends!
Meeting people in person is often more comforting than just online.
Please reply if you live in the St. Albans area and feel lonely,
needing to talk to somebody in person……
I would love to make new friends, meet for coffee, arrange outings etc…to take away the dread of another lonely day.

Hello, I hope you find someone but look locally for bereavement groups, try the library or churches. In our small village we have two, one called ‘living alone’ and the other ‘living with loss’ both are very friendly and open also if you are into crafts, they are also friendly groups.
Take care. S xxx