Coping with loss of daughter and grand daughter

I loss my daughter 4 weeks ago, she was 33 and 38 weeks pregnant. She was fine the day before and had just moved into her new with her husband. By morning her and her baby had passed a way. We are still awaiting result pathologist report into why this happen so suddenly. I just don’t know how to cope with this and spend most of my time either crying or so angry- is this normal.

Yes, it’s normal.
God, how I wish I had words which could console you and others on this forum.
We’re all grieving, and are all at different stages, so whether or not we can express ourselves adequately, please rest assured that there is much real and sadly experienced empathy for you and your family here on this forum. No doubt about that. Keep checking the forum.

I want to hug you and wipe your tears away but I know that is not a the comfort you want I lost our granddaugter at 6 days old Her mummy Is still here I Watch My daughter with such sadness in her eyes as the world is moving with out Her little girl and it pierces my heart This is not a cliche …Your daughter and grand child are together try to take comfort from that thought
Sending you such thoughts and love

I am so very sorry. You will be feeling such pain now but crying is good for grief. It’s supposed to be much better than keeping things inside you. It’s very early days for you on a very long journey. Take all the help you can get from family, friends and people on here. Don’t ask to much of yourself each day. Try to rest even though you don’t sleep. Try to eat. Nothing will make much sense to you just now so just get through each 24 hours. Love and hugs to you x

I am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. I lost my beautiful daughter…aged 40…on Saturday. She just went to bed snd didn’t wake up. We are all devastated as no don’t uou are
Sending you love and strength x