Coping with loss of my son

December 15 will be 2 years since my 17 passed away,thinking of him all the time,dose the pain ease in time?

Welcome to the Sue Ryder Online Community. I’m so sorry to hear that your son passed away at such a young age. Grief is a long process, and everyone is different, but it’s not unusual to still be grieving two years on, especially for the loss of a child.

People say that it doesn’t really go away, but the pain becomes less intense, and you find ways to live alongside your grief.

You aren’t alone on this site, as there are quite a few other bereaved parents here. You might find it helpful to read some of their recent conversations, and perhaps post a reply.

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My son was also 17 when he died suddenly in August 2015. I think of him all the time too. I’m trying to keep going by working, going on holidays, doing stuff with friends and family and for my other son. It works, just about , but the sadness and disbelief are never far away. I don’t think you can ever comes to terms with something like that. The best you can do is hope for is periods of relative calm and normality. A big part of me wants to stop so I can be with him, but thats not fair on my other Son who loves and needs me, or my friends and family , so I will go on. My attitude to life is different since he died. I’m much more determined now to get the most I can out of it and not let trival things get me down.