Coping with negative emotions

It is nearly 18 months since my daughter died, and I am finding that even small annoyances which I would have just ignored in the past are really irritating me; in fact everything seems to be annoying me. Is this just me, or have other people experienced changes in their personalities? Is anger another stage of grief? I want to shout at the world; it is a very uncomfortable feeling

I think it’s another emotion to go through.
Everyone and Everything including myself irritated me for a while - small niggles became big issues. And things can be said in anger.
I realised what I couldn’t change had to be put aside and focus on what’s really important.
G. X

I have gone through the same even with my best friend.
I made myself recognise what l was doing, l was really annoyed with the world . Angry that I lost my daughter suddenly at 22 and then my husband suddenly through a massive heart attack. Leaving me alone coping with my Autistic son.
Yes l was angry that some people just get through life without any problems. But once I realised that it’s nobody fault l started to feel a bit better.
My son loves the Monty Pythons song “Always look on the bright side of life “ if you listen to the lyrics this is how l feel xxx

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Joan you are really brave. Anger and rage is a thing. On 9.12.2022, it would have been my sons 21st bday and graduated from college. And a 3rd year of his lostt along with 3rd mother’s day and it was my favorite holiday. 2022 was a duzzy. On his birthday i went to a rage room. Smashed things in a healthy way
I felt the rage and anger build up and it scared me. I needed to release it. It is now 6 months and I don’t have that nasty feeling. I beat the crap out of the tv screen, threw glass, screamed, played some triggering songs, and let it out. I still have to manage my upsetting moments. I am a Mom
I miss my son. It gets better, but i have some days that I struggle. Not a day goes by that i dont think about him. I continue to speak to him often. It helps me. Here if you want to talk
Hang in there.

Thank you so much for your supporting message. I thought I was going mad; I’m usually a calm person but some days everything just makes me irritated.
I am writing some poetry to help me express my emotions and I have also written about my daughter’s transplant journeys. This is certainly helping as you can vent on the paper and then delete if necessary - this saves my poor husband being the recipient of bad mood!

I have been grieving alone for 4 years. My husband is a good man but he does not connect with me. Support is what i need from him. It is difficult. I just found this forum yesterday. I wish I had it 4 years ago. I am in AZ. Always here to talk. Thanks for responding.

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