Coping with the loss of my son 17yrs ago

Ive been struggling with the loss of my son 17yrs ago its really taken over my life and dont know what to do its had a great affect on my friendship with people and life in general im desperate to find away back to some kind of normality

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Hello @Trevw,

Thank you for reaching out. I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. Sadly, you’re not alone. Many of our members have experienced the loss of a child and will understand some of what you’re going through.

It sounds like your grief is still very intense and having a big impact on your life. You might find our video on complicated grief helpful to watch. Complicated grief is when grief doesn’t seem to change or shift at all. In complicated grief, you can find yourself ‘stuck’, perhaps unable to feel sad or cry, or perhaps you feel too sad to manage your day-to-day life.

All of this can happen with grief, but when you’re experiencing complicated grief - these feelings last many months, without seeming to change. In turn, they can make it difficult for you to work, interact with people and look after yourself or your family, and it can feel like your life isn’t returning back to something that resembles normality. You may already have spoken to a doctor or counsellor, but if you are experiencing complicated grief, it is a good idea to seek some extra support.

I hope that this is helpful - take good care and please keep reaching out. You are not alone.