Coping with the sadness of loss

I lost my husband in December 2018 He was only 63 years old but he had bee suffering from lung disease for 3 years. Then in April 2019 I lost my daughter to heart failure. She was 39years old She left 2 little girls that I am now responsible for a d who I love to bits. All I do is cry and thi I I should have done more for the.

Oh Kelly, how awful to lose both your husband and daughter so close together…I am so sorry.
Crying is very much par for the course I’m afraid (though the tears do slow down with time) and it is still very early days for you so try to be kind to yourself and not give in to the guilt gremlin which visits all of us at some time. You need all your strength to look after your grandchildren so please avail yourself of any help/suport which might be available to you. Take small steps and focus on the immediate things…you have been dealt such a bad hand but I sense that you are a special lady and that you and your grandchildren will keep each other going in the days ahead.
Keep posting on here…it’s a wonderful support system and I am sure many others will reach out with good advice.
Take care Kelly…It will get better x

Hi Kelly, I can understand how you are feeling, I also lost my husband to lung disease, he was 62, he was given 3-5 yrs to live but sadly only lasted 3. I miss him every single day, we were always there for each other, but now life can feel so meaningless sometimes , my family are my world now. So sad to hear about your daughter too, you just have to take a day at a time and try to do your best, take care x

So sorry for your losses i lost my dad june 2016 to mesothelioma (asbestos lung cancer) he wqs 67 and he was only diagnosed on 23rd march the same year and then in june this year ive lost my partner aged 42 to alcohol related liver disease and it will be 12 wks tomorow we have a 12 yr old daughter in 2 weeks and this last week all i have done is kept breaking down why why why all i keeo saying and crying x

It is so hard sometimes to keep going don’t you think. I know just how you feel. Some people say you have got to move on. But it is not that easy. My daughter was in an abusive relationship so I still have to put up with him as he is my granddaughters father if you can call him that.

It is hard to keep going its not easy people say to me you need to move on what after 12 weeks dont think so not sure i ever will sorry your daughter was in am abusive relationship even though my partner was an alcoholic he was never abusive and loved me but it hurts me so much he has gone this way x