Hi, this is my first post here,

I feel like I’ve had to deal with so many bereavements, been to so many funerals.
I’m in my late 20s and have been to more than ten funerals. All of family or friends.

One of my longest friends died when I was 17, he was 18, he died from a brain injury after falling.
That was when I really realised not only old people die.
Since then I’ve been to 3 funerals of friends who have taken their own lives.

But most recently I lost both my parents, 9 months apart, end of dec 19 and beginning of Oct 20. Both to cancer. I lived back with them after a relationship breakdown with my ex. They had just retired and moved 80 miles from where I grew up, so I went with them and that was only in 2018, they weren’t sick at the old house.

I lost my job due to the first lockdown
And am stuck in this house with no good memories, and no support network near by.
My best friend is my “support bubble” but he lives 80 miles away and doesn’t drive, so I only get down there maybe once a week!

I don’t really know the point of this post,
I just feel alone, and so sad, nearly all the time

Dear J

I am so sorry for the loss of your parents. I know the pain that both mt children are suffering following the sudden loss of their dad in September. Also my daughter lives down South with only her partner for support and this adds to the difficulties.

We do not have the answers - certainly not the ones that we all want to hear - but everyone on this site understands the pain of grief and can support, even if its just listening.

Take care.
Sheila X

There are no answers J … I hope you move forward, little steps. It seems you have had a lot of loss. Be good to yourself x

Thankyou for your kind words both of you

I wish I could give you a big hug. I think this lockdown is making it worse for anyone who is grieving, the isolation makes it much harder. Check with your gp, in my area there is a support group, they meet online each week virtually for now, it’s more a social meeting than counseling, but they can refer you to a counselor if you want to. Take easy, try not to do too much at a time, keep talking to someone, through this site, to your friend, to your gp. You have been through a lot, be kind to yourself xx