My husband died suddenly 1 week ago I can’t eat sleep or think yes I have family yes there all are helping but the pain is unbelievable he was my everything don’t know what to do can’t get appointment with doctor


So sorry to hear of your loss. It is very early days and so raw for you. Everyone on this site understands your pain so post as often as you need to. X

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Gwen, pleased you posted, just writing helps even if it’s only a little and yes everyone on here feels the pain of loss. Keep posting and reading others post, knowing that we all are here to share your pain and understand how you feel. Take it slowly and try not to rush doing anything, you need to be able to think straight and those first few weeks are horrendous. It does get easier but never leaves us, it becomes part of us. You take care and please try to eat and sleep, you need to be strong. Love and hugs being sent S xxx

Dear Gwen you’ll still be in shock as well as everything else your feeling . I’m @ 16 weeks and I think I’m still in shock it’s too unbelievable. Mine was also sudden out of the blue so I know exactly how your feeling . I still take it hour by hour sometimes less it’s all you can do at the moment. Just do what you want to not what anyone else wants you to do.
I’m so sorry for your loss take care

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I too am going through the same thing my partner of 27 yrs went to work last week and never came home. He was 47 yrs old a father to 3. Im in bits and fighting to just wake up in the mornings

Dear meinit77 I’m so sorry for your loss it’s all so
Horrendous fir us all having to feel the pain . I found this site by accident and everyone in here understands so keep posting .
I still have trouble sleeping and getting up it’s like what’s the point .
Please take care hugs to you

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Its only the fact ive got my kids to get upto each day that i actually do. Im struggling with my emotions where im so determined to let the kids see mums going to be ok so they dont worry that im not able to process whats actually happened. His family did not offer me any support arranging the funeral emotional or financial knowing i am 100 per cent dependant on my partner. Its been a constant string of prpblems and upset since the day i lost him. Now after his funetal his family have all been saying how they did him proud on the day when they did not one single thing.

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