Why even though I am exhausted do I not sleep. Since my husband died on 13th July I haven`t had one night without walking up every 2 hours, that is if I actually got to sleep in the first place

Hello @Heather56, I am truly sorry for the loss of your husband.

Not being able to sleep is definitely a symptom of grief. It does get a little bit better as time moves on but more than 5 years later and I still struggle to have a full night’s sleep, although it is much better than in the early days. I think for me, I learnt to go with it. Instead of tossing and turning, I would get up, make a drink, take it back to bed and read. Before my husband died, I always slept very well, like the preverbial log.

Grief is exhausting so you would think we would go out like a light, every night.

Recently, I have tried listening to sleep hypnotism on YouTube and it really works for me. I didn’t think it would. xx

Hi Heather
Such early days for you I’m afraid and I agree with Kate as I didn’t fight it either. I switched on the TV or radio or I would read and when I was relaxed enough I went back to sleep again. I still have restless nights three years on but I don’t worry about them now. Give yourself time.

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Thank you both some of it may being very rural and on my own. I am hoping it will get better when I move into a village with people I know around

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