I think I am coping quite well Christmas cards to both of us they didn`t know so why get upset, doing his tax return which I did today my numbers brain kicked in . What got me was a tin of primer that he bought and never used for the windows. It is these little things that start us off.


Dear @Heather56

It is the little things that do set us off and it is ok to get upset and cry but also they make us smile at the same time .

Thank you for sharing your post, they are many on here who will be able to identify with it.

Take care of yourself.


Awe Heather, thats so familiar. Yes, it’s the little, what we thought, insignificant things that remind us. Out of the blue, they get you. Like new shoes never worn, his good winter coat hanging where he left it. I find it’s these little things that really do evoke the biggest feelings. Every day, every hour of every day is a struggle, and I know i need to get his stuff to the charity shops but I can’t, not yet. If anyone can give me a clue as to when I might be able to do this I’d appreciate it. Please look after yourself and cherish those memories, no matter how difficult they are. Sending love :heart:


Perhaps do it a little at a time, and keep some things that are dear to you xx


Thank you x

Exactly as you say, the little things which bring that loved one back to you. My darling husband had some really funny ways and it wasn’t until after he died and I was clearing old shoes when I realised he had only started using ONE new slipper from a pair identical to his old ones, since only one of the old ones had the sole broken. I laughed and cried at the same time. :heart: