My husband passed away 2 weeks ago. He had battled lung cancer for 2 and a half years. I feel strangely detatched from it. I only feel relief that his suffering has ended.

How do you cope with being alone.


I cope with being alone by doing what I used to do when I was on my own but I have no magic for when I dont want to be alone.
I have done the keeping busy to ward off the worst but then for me when that isn’t an option
I cuddle the cat, listen to music, read, suduko, diary, tv, walk, go out in car, shop, garden, tel calls, go to a cafe, pick flowers, chatlines, letters, emails, chores, family time, cooking, paperwork, painting drawing. However, i am still a carer so I still have those responsibilities just that no longer can share that with my husband who died last year after he suffered a lot. We used to care for each other so I struggle mostly alone with things.
My sons help only a little but it is tough. Yes relief my husband doesn’t suffer any more but I miss him. Yes I have felt numb at one time whole gammit of emotions.
Can still feel alone when you are with people. Other people join some club that interests them like a walking group if there is one and you are fit. Easier said than done.
Hope you find some way to cope with being alone.

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