Corona viruses

My dad aged 91 had been in hospital since 19th December with a broken Femur, he developed other complications whilst there. I went to see my dad everyday until this virus started to spread and as I am on oxygen 24 hrs a day the hospital said it was unsafe for me to continue doing this. My brother continued to visit him until they locked the hospital down. I would ring every day in the morning and afternoon for updates on my dad and it would break my heart to hear him calling out either mine or my brother’s name in the background. I phoned last Saturday at 11am and was told dad was sleeping, I then received a call at 12.10 to say he had passed. I am heartbroken that I could not hold my dad’s hand as he took his final journey and that this terrible viruse kept us apart. I cannot even give my dad the funeral he deserves because of restrictions and I feel so lonely as I can’t have family here to support.

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Hi Dee2
So sorry for your loss - especially in such awful circumstances. Can you arrange something like a “zoom” meeting with your brother and other family members online so at least you can see them while you are speaking to them, albeit it not together? I would take some comfort from thinking that your dad passed peacefully in his sleep from what the hospital said to you. So very sad for you and those left behind that you didn’t get to hold his hand and say goodbye together.

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Dee, I know no words of comfort are enough or anything I feel in my heart for you right now. He would not have been alone at the end, I do believe there is something that comes and guides us along that path. I have seen many people die and there always seems to be something a short time before they actually leave us. He would have known how you felt and feel now. With the restrictions it must be horrible not to be able to have that last good bye, it may be that you can do something as a family later on or even on the first anniversary, it must be so very hard on you and your brother. Please believe me when I say my heart goes out to you. Now more than before, please take care of yourself, again, I know how hard that can be but your immune system will be at rock bottom right now and open to any infection going, so please take extra care. I will be thinking of you and wishing that the heart ache you are feeling will diminish but it takes time.
Blessings to both you and your brother.


I agree, Susie 123, in my opinion we do not pass away alone, in my long life it is my experience that a departed loved one comes and helps the dying to pass. Not everyone believes this, but I always have and I hope that it gives you some comfort, Dee.