Coronavirus loneliness

So, I’m on my own. Steve died last April 12. We now have lockdown for the Coronavirus . I can’t see child, grandchildren . I’ve been in isolation since last Thursday. Lonely and fedup. What is the point of me . I really wish I had passed away with Steve. . I know this is morbid but it has really hit me tonight.


Hello Montague
I’m so sorry that you are struggling tonight. If you read some of the other threads you’ll see that a few of us have posted about being set back by the virus and resultant isolation…everyone is finding life really hard and scary at the moment and the fact that the one person who could reassure us is no longer here makes it even harder for us. You are also coming up to your first anniversary and that is a difficult time in itself but please don’t doubt yourself…of course there is a point in you being here! When this awful virus has been vanquished you will be reunited with your daughter and grandchild and that will be so special for all of you. Every day we are locked down the world is recovering a little and people are starting to look out for each other much more. This may well be the worst of times but good will come out of it and we each have a part to play so please don’t give up!
Take care, be kind to yourself as well as others and keep safe x


I do understand how you feel. 2 years since I lost my loved one and I still wish my life had ended when his did. I have no family,I’m not lonely but completely alone and hate it.
Can you facetime your children and grandchildren? I know its not the same but may help you and them if they’re off school/work.
I wish there was an answer but I’ don’ t know it if there is.Sadme

Hi, I know how you feel, it’s very hard anyway, without this situation. We can’t just go out and keep busy, we feel imprisoned in a way in our own home and it emphasises our grief so much more.
I can’t see my daughters and grandchildren and it breaks my heart, I hope it doesn’t go on to long. It’s bad enough for people anyway, but for us it’s even worse. It will get better, we’ve all got to believe that .try and stay strong x

Hello Monague
I lost my lovely hubby 19/4/2019. I too feel, what’s the point!! I look at all the jobs need doing, which I didn’t bother doing last year. So much to do on my own, which we both use to do together, with passion and infusiasim and now I feel nothing but today, I made myself go out and do a little. I went down the green house, that he bought for me

Dear Montague, I don’t mean to sound harsh but in answer to your question, the point of you is that you are a wife, a mother and a grandmother. Yes, you are still a wife. You have a life to live - in memory of your wonderful man and for your child and grandchildren. This is a terrible situation for everyone but we can do it. Let’s face it, the worst has already happened. This is peanuts by comparison. Stay strong. Much love :kissing_heart:


Crazy Kate- today I am finding this lock down much harder than the other days. I have a lot to do but no enthusiasm so I do my cross stitch to stop me thinking -
However after reading your message I felt better and more up beat
The situation now is bad for all - if you are also be is difficult , if you have too many people it is also a challenge

I think like many of you the feeling of loneliness is great - my coping mechanisms were all about going out!!
Girls we will survive but we have to make an effort to remain sane!!
Sadie x


I’m pleased my message helped you Sadsadie. It’s all we can do isn’t it, just try to help each other. I’m one of the lucky ones really, as I still have my work to go to. My hours have been reduced but at least I’m not stuck in the house all the time. I count my blessings daily. Cross stitch is very therapeutic. Don’t forget your daily exercise :walking_woman::running_woman::biking_woman: . Xx

Hi Crazy Kate I had been going for walks but today there were so many people out that I came back
It seems the virus stay alive on your shoes for 5 hours after you return home !!!

:fearful: Scary. Too many people out still. Stay safe xx

Hi Sadie, Apparently the virus travels from person to person and not person to shoes, So experts say very unlikely, if your worried about clothes then it’s suggested that we wash clothes more often. But if your concerned then put a tray with disinfectant by your door or take your shoes off, just like the Foot and Mouth times. Don’t go without your exercise. Health and wellbeing is of the upmost importance at this time.
I go out for walks as allowed everyday with my dogs and for my own well being. Yes there are people out, dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and people just having much needed exercise but we don’t have to get near to each other, a friendly smile does help though and it’s surprising how many people seem to think that a smile or a wave will give them the virus. I can even have chats with people but of course we keep the required distance.
I am fortunate that the government has allowed all allotments to stay open as we are growing food. It is counted as our daily exercise. This is a life saver for me and in this nice weather along with many other members we are taking our lunch with us and working outside for hours. Obviously still strict rules about isolation and washing hands.
Take care everyone.
Pat xx


Hi Pat - I will follow your advice and will go for a long walk tomorrow!!! I also need to exercise and need to get out !!
When home so much I think so much about Jack , I keep remembering stuff and keep asking why he isn’t here to make me company
Lots of love
Sadie xx

Hi Sadie. I think for definite that I would go stir crazy if I didn’t keep some sort of of routine up and fortunately I enjoy exercise. I can’t go to the gym but I can enjoy the walks and countryside and allotment. To be honest when I am out I am quite enjoying the peace and quiet now. Eerie at first though.
I have asked Brian many times lately why he isn’t here with me although I know he would be taking it all in his stride. No great drama’s from Brian. He would enjoy the peace and quiet of sitting in the garden reading or pottering on the allotment.
Enjoy your walks and the fresh air it will certainly help to pass time. If your still worried about your shoes then just wash them off with a bit of disinfectant.
Take care
Pat xxx

I’ve got asthma, but I am still going out for a daily walk. I live in a semi rural area. I must admit I am getting more uneaved by the news. At some point I will walk less, but I do have a small garden where I can escape to and get some exercise by gardening.
Absolutly, dreadful that we are not only dealing with grief but also a pandemic.

My beautiful wife passed away 2yes ago I also wanted it to end for me even though I have beautiful children and grandchildren I did not want to live without my wife of 37 yrs but I got through the worst and slowly some light has returned I have found some new meaning and met a widower who has helped me to understand and through some dark times I am eternally grateful that I met her and we talk about many things together including our passed love ones so what I am saying from someone who has been there and is still there it gets a little easier and I am able to see my grandchildren getting bigger and smarter and maybe just maybe there is some sunshine again


Hi George, that is lovely news. :kissing_heart:

Happy for you George, gives us a more positive outlook :+1:

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