Coroner’s Inquest

My son was killed while walking to work, he was hit by a car that was speeding. The driver has not and will not be charged.
We have the coroners inquest in a month does anyone know what happens etc I’ve never been to an inquest and the information on the web is confusing and or contradictory.
Thank you for reading

@Eve7 I’m so sorry for your loss. My son died nearly 2 years ago from a drug overdose. There was an inquest, they gave me an interim death certificate so that I could have a funeral. I had to give a statement to the police and I had to talk about him and his life, which was extremely difficult. I didn’t attend the inquest, the Police Officer who came the night my son died attended and read out my statement, he was so lovely and not much older than my son.
It’s a personal choice if you want to attend or not. I decided not to.
There was a Post Mortum, the coroner sent me report from that and also toxicology reports. There was also statements from the ambulance crew and the police officers who attended.
To be 100% honest, I read everything and it was so distressing and I couldn’t get it out of my mind for a long, long time. My other son and no other family member have read the reports, it’s too distressing.
I printed everything out and placed everything together in a box just in case anyone ever wants to read them.
For me the inquest was a formality, I knew how
My son died. Everyone in a different and you just have to do what you feel is right for you.
Take care xx

You have been through exactly what I’ve been and going through. Got the inquest 21 September. I was so distressed after reading all the reports. Xx

I am waiting for all the reports. I have the coroners post mortem report( I struggle to understand some of the medical jargon ) and obviously the interim death certificate.
I am in such a bad place right now I honestly don’t know how I can still breath and put one foot infront of the other.
The inquest has been postponed 2 or three times but is going ahead on the 2nd October.

I used google for most of the post mortem and toxicology results. Maybe worth a try. My sons is 21st September, not looking forward to it one bit but have to face it and whatever the coroner decides, accidental overdose or intentional suicide :woman_shrugging:. Neither eases the pain xx

Hi @Eve7

The compassionate friends have some info re inquests.

Here is the link for part 1 . There are 3 parts to look at altogether .

For me it really didn’t matter what the coroner decided. I know I’m my heart it was a tragic accident, my son didn’t want to leave us. Obviously every thought under the sun has gone through my head, every scenario but I know it was an accident xx

Thank you m will have a look at them​:grinning::+1: xx

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Bad typing and emoji…sorry. Xx

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Thank you so much xx


Yep me too as he would never of put me through this living hell I’m in, whatever the coroner says won’t bring him back, not great today, heart pounding, going to meet one of my friends later this afternoon for a coffee, hopefully I can get myself there. Take care xx

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@MJG i hope you do manage to meet your friend for a coffee xx

Thank you. She is a rock solid mate who I used to work with, unlike my so called best friend. I haven’t seen her for a few weeks, but all her messages are about her health and moaning, my partner he is furious with her keep sending me such stupid messages. I will have to catch up for a walk with her soon but not looking forward to it and I shouldn’t feel like this but I do. Take care and thank you xx

@mjg. I know exactly what you mean. When my son died I was constantly getting messages of support from different people. My phones very quiet now, I have a small but select group of family and friends who check on me all the time.
You certainly do find out who your true friends are. I don’t blame anyone though, everyone has their own lives I get that. I’m happy to keep my group small.


Snap. When my son passed away my phone was none stop, even from people I didn’t know, not even sure how they got my mobile number as we don’t have a house phone, then it would be messenger constantly. I am so selective who I choose to speak to …my choice and to be honest if people don’t like the way I am that’s their problem not mine. My partner says each time I have a meltdown, which is often I come back harder and stronger each time. Not sure if that is good or bad to be honest. Hopefully I am strong in the day of the inquest which is looming in the background. Won’t change anything though. Sun is shining so that helps I think xx

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When my son left I immediately came off all social media and deactivated messenger so only people who had my number could contact me .
I’m very selective too . In fact I’ve just about isolated myself and I’m ok with that .

I’m positive you will find your inner strength due the inquest .


Thank you Tilly13. I deactivated my sons and my social media accounts very quickly. I have messenger for a few select friends, like you ok on my own in our own worlds. I hope I can find the strength for the inquest, usually I’m worst the day before. Hope you have an ok sort of day, sun is shining again which I feel helps xx

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I deactivated my facebook the day before he was found, after 24 hours missing by then I knew he would not be found alive, I have messenger but most people saw I had deactivated FB so only those that had messaged me before had my contact details. Most of what I thought were friends they have been the ones not to contact me, surprisingly its friends that Ive not seen for years have just driven up 3 hours to make sure I was okay. Ive not seen anyone for 2 weeks now since the funeral, and just one person checking in on me, probably as im truthful when they ask how are you?

People either don’t know what to say or think you are ‘ok’ now .
Then support can come from the most surprising sources .

I’ve never had a lot of friends and I’m quite glad of that now .


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Always here taff you know that I know it’s only a text or WhatsApp you know you’re welcome anytime to contact me

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