Couldn't see for tears

Just been for the first little walk since my beloved partner passed away suddenly on 15th Dec and being a small place, there’s not many places where we both hadn’t been for a walk together before. Half way round and stood on a bridge over a stream into a little boating lake and it was all too much. We used to stand there together watching the stream and play pooh sticks. I couldn’t see for tears and stumbled home. The pain is so bad :cry:


Bless you Sal it’s early days for you everything is so raw. I was sitting at traffic lights the other day and just burst into tears mate my husband died in August and I seem to be getting worse I’m been crying all day dreading going into a new year without Jim seems I’m leaving him behind in 2021. Hope you find some piece and if not don’t beat yourself up everyone’s grief is different God bless xx


Sal3,so sorry for your loss,
Such a difficult time,my husband passed away 13 weeks ago,
hard to believe I’m sat here on my own on, new years eve
I hope you have family
and friends to help you, so many things to remind us of our loved
ones I feel so lonely, never been on my own before heartbreaking

Take care

Christine x


Dear Christine

You are so brave and I hope being able to express your desolation is helping a little. I’d like to welcome you on behalf of the Sue Ryder volunteers and to say we are always here for you as are others who share their own version of your pain.

I know you are facing being alone which you dread, but keep reaching out to others it will help.

Wishing you all the best

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Thank you x

Thank you. Yes going into New Year without our loved ones is hard. xx

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On my own tonight too as my son and daughter working. It’s so hard isn’t it. People say Oh it’ll get better in time but I don’t think it will. It’s a case of surviving in a whole new way with half of you missing.
Sending love for the New Year. xx


I’m so sorry take care annie x

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Wishing everyone some happinesses in the new year without the ones we love but have recently lost.


Hi misprint - you’ve put into words how I’m feeling too - it’s like an awful fear and guilt - I’ve left Russ in 2021. I’m still here for another year and he can’t be - it’s just wrong. I don’t want 2022 without him, in fact I don’t want 2022 - I just want him back.


I feel exactly the same.
Hugs xx

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So very sorry lv annie x

These moments of total sadness are so difficult. I’m further on with this unwanted journey and at first I would cry at all sorts of things. We used to walk round the park with our little dog and I went there on the day my husband was cremated. I stood under a tree and sobbed my heart out. Now I can go there and the emotions are not so raw. I can remember our walks with fondness and smile at the fact that he always walked much slower than me and he would ask what I was rushing for. That’s not to say that I don’t still have mega meltdowns at the most unexpected times but they are fewer now.

Hopefully, in time you will be able to remember your walks with fondness too. X