counseling works

to all of the people really struggling, in 2020 I was really bad. I got counseling and she even wanted to see me 2x a week.

those sessions were a lifeline. for an hour, someone caring listened to me. I cried, talked, worried, fretted with a good friend who cared. this is what counselors do.

if anyone is really struggling, I recommend it. personal face-to-face helps. and even 2x a week is not excessive in real suffering.


Thank you for sharing and I hope things are better for you now. Can i just ask how did you know it is what you needed? I’ve been debating counseling for a few months now after my grief has hit me like a wreaking ball after a year. thank you x

hi @Butterflies. I think the fact that you are thinking you might do it means it will do you good, and you’ll feel better than you do now.
Take the next step.

it was someone clinically experienced to deal with someone like me.
family and friends may be well meaning but they are concerned with their
own problems.

counselors are trained to focus on YOU and You alone in those sessions.
it was that measure of intense focus on me exclusively which helped so much.
I did not have to worry about being polite or considerate of others.

I got the attention, concern and help I needed.

Hi @tykey thank you so muc for your message. I have just taken the plunge and applied. I hope you are well and ok

Thank you for sharing this, it has really helped me make my decision to give it a go. I’m sorry that you needed the support in the first place but I’m so glad it’s helped you. I hope you’re well and doing ok.

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Hello all. I lost my mum 6 years ago this November and a day hasn’t gone by when I don’t think about my mum. I miss her more than anything
I to have been to counselling and it hasn’t worked for me. I went with an open mind ready to face my intolerable grief and deal with all the emotions that comes with talking about my mum and my feelings of regret and guilt I have. I know my mum wouldn’t want me to feel like this but I tell myself how can I not feel like this. I not only feel like I let myself down but more importantly my mum. She deserved a better son. I put my job first before my mum. I should of told my employer my mum comes first and I’ll never be able to live with it.

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counseling can help one with their emotions … but they cannot stop your emotions.
only you are in control of that.

they can help see where the emotions come from. there were issues they could not help me with. they were not perfect. but they listened to me with help and concern and that in itself was a benefit to me.

but they cannot rid us of our guilt. sometimes just talking can lighten the load.

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