Just had my first session with counselor was very good and productive however why do they always as are you suicidal or thought of taking your life.

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Hi jayclifford, I am really pleased you found your first session useful and I am sure it will help you over come your grieving and help youunderstand how to deal with the emotions associated with grieving. The answer to your question is they just want to know how deep things are and if they need to consider safe guarding issues. Honestly it’s not being nosy or silly, it’s a normal question.
Take care of yourself. S xx

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thanks its really helping with me to deal with issues that have come about since my fathers passing.


I’m a counsellor and yes, it’s a safeguarding question we have to ask.

Also, for me personally, I want my clients to be able to say the taboo things and know it’s ok, I can hear it and I won’t break, I’m tough and I’ll walk with them on their painful journey.

In other words I care. I want them to heal and grow.

Hope that explains it a bit.