How many sessions helped you?

Hello everyone,

After losing my mother and lifelong partner within 3 months, I’ve been going to a good counsellor.
It’s helped me, when I started I couldn’t stop crying, now I’m much calmer but I don’t know how much more they can help me.

How long is long enough? Any advice Would be really appreciated

Many years ago I did a counselling skills course as it was felt to be beneficial to my work in training and development. I remember a lot of discussion centred around evaluation and measuring outcomes. Did you discuss what you wanted in terms of outcomes and, if so, can you measure yourself against them. I suppose it’s a case of whether it has met your expectations. Can you negotiate further outcomes with the Councillor. I don’t think there is a simple" one size fits all". I suspect a lot of people go into counselling with no idea as to what they deem to be satisfactory progress but it sounds like you identified something tangible.

Hi Dale i had 28 sessions with cruse (should have been 8 ) it made me feel like a human being .Waiting list was long but for me it was worth it

Thanks that’s very helpful Jx

Thanks Colin ,
I’m really pleased it’s helped you.we all need every but It support we can get. Jx

I think it will be very individual and that both you and the counsellor will know.
I wonder if we get to a point where we have sort of go and live with where we have got to and then return for more sessions when we have experienced the new normal?
Lots of love xx

I have been seeing a psychotherapist privately for several months. It has been very expensive, but I have had so much benefit from it. It has not lessened the length of my journey, but has provided a safe place in which to explore and vent my thoughts and hopes and fears. I feel so much better for having been there, and am coming to the end of my sessions. It is not the way for everyone, but it certainly was for me. Tulabelle

Hi All,

I had 4 sessions of counselling but it was ended up being a sign posting service and wasn’t qualified to even handle traumatic bereavement or PTSD. The counselor suggested we end things as she had nothing to offer. I wanted to talk about the family and my dads’s passing, wasn’t for me.

Am now looking for someone affordable, privately- integrative CBT etc. I still think having an outlet is good the fit and qualifications are most important.