I am thinking about having counselling, has anyone tried it and had success?.

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I’m on the waiting list for counselling, hope it works xx

I am on the waiting list too.
Our local Hospice also runs a drop in centre which I’ve started going to once a week. Its a bit like chatting on here, everyone is going though bereavement, all at different stages.
It has helped.
Last week I was very tearful and one of the Hospice team took me aside to chat
Its nice to be able to talk to people that care and understand
I’m hoping counselling will help

Love and hugs to everyone x


I lost David 6 weeks ago, it seems like months. I am so empty and cannot see a purpose to my future. Being on here helps a lot.


Oh @penny6
I know exactly how you feel.
I’m 16 weeks in now and I’m far from getting over losing my husband, and actually I know never will.
But I am slowly learning to cope alone. I still miss him terribly, just saying that makes me cry, but I’m learning to do things by myself. I have a lot of down days, and I haven’t yet had a day where I haven’t
cried but I’m starting to have more up days. But I won’t get complacent, I know only too well it can all rise up and slap you round the face and bring you crashing down again.

Sendin love and hugs x


Hi @penny6
I lost my mum 4 months ago, it was sudden and unexpected. I had a counsellor who i had seen many years ago because of some work related stress. I decided to contact him as i was in bad shock and had anxiety at the start and i started back up the counselling with him. He knows me well which really helps and i find that the sessions are really beneficial. If you can get some counselling i would say its worth a try.

Hi @penny6 - it’s 3 months since my husband passed and I started counselling around a month ago. I am very lucky as it is provided by the hospice my husband died in and they offer follow up contact and support to family’s who have stayed with them.
I’m early on in my journey but so far it feels ok. I have teenage kids at home who I need to support and so it is hard to get any time to myself to grieve, so having somewhere and someone who can give support and listen is helpful and gives me some perspective on where I am and what madness I am thinking.
It’s not a cure and doesn’t take away the grief and sadness but I am hoping it will help me to make some sense of all that has happened, support me in making sense of a completely new world that I now live in and give me some hope that I can move forwards without him. My counsellor has reassured me that she can help ensure I don’t get stuck in grief - a major fear of mine as that’s what has happened to my mum.
I’m happy to put in the effort going forward and it’s so good to be able to share my husbands story, his life and his personality with someone who is happy to listen.
Hope that helps xx

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