I have just received 12 weekly one hour sessions of counselling at trinity hospice where my wonderful beautiful wife past away.
On reflection the Counseelor was someone who I can only describe as a rock, a lifeline, she carried me through 3 months of pain. Someone I could speak freely to, someone I trusted. If anyone is considering counselling and are in two minds whether to go or not I’d say go for it.
You’ve nothing to loose.
It doesn’t make you better or heal the pain but for me it carried me through 3 months. Gave me something to attend and look forward to, somewhere I could open up to a listening ear.
I am so grateful


I’m glad your experience was positive and helped you along the way.
I’ve just started counselling, also at the hospice where my husband died. It’s early days yet but I feel it is somewhere I can go to just open up about all my feelings and have someone help me make sense of them.
I know it won’t fix me but hopefully will help in my journey as it has you

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Thank you
I hope it helps you too.
If anything at least it’s talking to someone who knows. Who gets you.
Something hard to find at times.

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Lucky to get 12 sessions.
Only managed to to get six sessions after six months which is very brief.
So unless spend lot on it option just to go round see who offers another six.

@Terry01 My counselling is my safe space.
Not sure where I’d be without it. They’ve extended my sessions as 12 weeks hasn’t been enough for me…
I am so thankful for their help…

I have just finished 6 telephone counselling sessions.
The lady who helped me was so kind, caring and thought provoking. We covered a lot of stuff and I did look forward to speaking to her every week. Trying hard to think about much of the positive help she gave me.

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Do you know anywhere else can get free counselling without long waiting list? I keep seeing Marie Curie pop up o Facebook but when I finally got through the person declined saying only if person died of terminal illness and I was silly enough not to realise that I knew all along he was dying. I was so dumb founded to hear what she said when there was nothing in the advert to say so.
I felt stupid as if I was supposed to guess.

I am going to ring cruise this morning as life seems pointless at the moment. I know people keep saying its early days yet 17 today but i feel like giving up. Xxxx

It has been 9 months since my husband died quite suddenly without warning. It is not getting any easier in fact it is harder. I am now at the stage where I am soo angry that everyone seems to be moving on and I am still stuck in this awful place. Need to make myself move on but it is not easy. Feel there is no purpose left. We must all help and support each other through this awful time. Jo


Bless you its so hard been alone isnt it. I just wish i had people here in the house . I fell last night hurt my ankle and arm. But there was no one too help

I have a Medicare bracelet which alerts if i have a fall or feel very unwell. You should try to get this. Good luck.

Were do you get them from and what do they do please xxxx

I fell too outside step, I missed my footing , went crashing to the ground and cried out my wife’s name.
But only silence.
I missed her so badly laying there on the ground,
I missed her support, how also we would have laughed about it .
It was a very sad lonely place to be in.
I do know how you feel.

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I would ask your gp for guidance or if your able to look online for charitable services offering bereavement counselling in your area would be a start.
It’s someone you can talk to in confidence about how you are feeling. I think the key is hearing yourself say out loud to someone else what’s going on and invariably you find a way to pull through.
It’s someone to vent to and maybe get some guidance in finding a way to survive.

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I have tried this and am awaiting hearing from talking therapies to see if this helps. Bereavement counselling has no funding in our area unfortunately.

Oh Terry isnt it hard i rang cruise this morning to be given another number. But its hard to talk and not cry. I cried last night when i fell my husband was my carer and now i am alone. I am scared of been alone i have never been alone before.xxxz

Your local council will have a listing for this. Jo

I feel the same. We were almost joined at the hip for 56 years and I cannot make a decision without him. It is so frightening. Jo

It really is are you alone were are you i live in Hull xxx