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Counselling offers no magic solutions but I would encourage people to give it a go. It helped relieve the pressure for me if nothing else.
There is free online counselling on this site.
Counselling via Cruse or NHS is free but often there is a long wait
One of the people posting on this forum patiently waited for Cruse but had to be admitted to hospital while waiting.
If you can possibly pay it is worth it.
We are used to getting free health care and there seems to be a reluctance to pay for help. (BEFORE ANYONE ATRACKS ME I AM FULLY AWARE SOME PEOPLE SIMPLY CAN’T PAY, I USED MY PRECIOUS SAVINGS ) but if you can invest in your health and take the strain off NHS and Cruse it may help them and you to get the help you need quickly.


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Yes a long waiting list with Cruse…I recently contacted my local Cruse and although a lovely lady contacted me within three days she did tell me i will be placed on their waiting list register and it will probably take six months and she followed this with a " I might not be in need of them by then." they are very short staffed, these charities need all the help they can get if they are to help us at our time in need…

My PP-MS crept up on me four years ago at the age of 64, never saw it coming, no amount of money be it NHS or private would have prevented this disease, as yet no one knows why nor how we get, nor is their any cure for it…



Shame there’s not more help from Cruse. I have been told that they find it very difficult to get counsellors. I am giving this some thought for when I’m ready. I go to a group session at the local hospice but it’s only for one hour a month so not really much good. Just a nice pleasant hour with a cake in the cafe afterwards.
Couldn’t find anything private by me so gave up and find I’m managing reasonably.

I was fast tracked for counselling by GP only to find after 2 weeks that was to the join a minimum 6 week waiting list. Contacted Sue Ryder’s online counselling via video link and offered appointment the next day. After initial assessment session, in itself a counselling session, had 6 weeks with Counsellor, spread out to suit me. I opted for every 2 weeks, so it helped me deal with difficulties around memories of my husbands passing, which was traumatic, as the anniversary approached and more importantly understand my feelings and coping mechanisms. In a better place for it. Counsellors who specialise in Bereavement are exceptional people, my Counsellor certainly was.

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