Well its sunday evening and my sweeheart Lizzie’s funeral is tomorrow i dont feel to bad feel to bad .when liz was diagnosed with cancer we said we would get married we both new why at the time. we had hope but because liz would loose a big pension i would have married Lizzie within six months of meeting and would to. in later life we had found oneanother a were truely contented well liz had her first chemo on monday all was well friday morning made a cuppa and got her a fortisip drink we were chatting i said something and no reply looked round and new straitaway she had had a stroke rung 999 and liz was having ct scan. Within 30 mins unfortunatly because of chemo they could not give clot busting drug then to make worse she could not have chemo so basically a death sentence i was devistated the nurses and drs did all they could to make Lizzie comfortable and kept her company and made shure everything she wanted to make her not be afraid and comfortable.worse to come by Saturday she had sepsis sunday morning she slipped away quiatly with us all there .at the funeral tomorrow after the service i am going to say some marrage vows over her coffin because i new she had desperatly wanted that and will be truely happy she was wagging her finger desperate wanting her engagement ring back on as nurses had removed it i tried to put it back on but her finger had swollen .i said its ok sweetie ive got it in my pocket people are divided over me doing vows but ime doing it for her and me no one else its not legal but its good enough for me and her thats all that matters

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